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Wayne Mouland/Double MC. A rapper on a quest spreading positivity. His aim is to help put the "poetry" back into the Rhythm And Poetry of R.A.P. Music.


Echo (full album)
  • Echo (full album)

Echo (full album)

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Here is the album of the late great Wayne Mouland AKA Double MC. Hope you enjoy it.

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Feed It Forward was created as a social enterprise by Chef Jagger Gordon, a Toronto chef and caterer specializing in gastronomy. It was Chef Jagger’s grandmother that initially gave him a love for food. Through her, he realized that food not only fills your belly but nourishes your soul too. Much of Jagger Gordon’s work began in 2014. As an ex-service man who had travelled to 32 countries fighting wars, Gordon later landed in Toronto. He attended culinary school, traveled the world again to work with some great chefs, and thus began his philanthropic and entrepreneurial adventure. As he spent more time in the kitchen, first in the Marine Corps and later as a caterer, he became acutely aware and profoundly disappointed in the amount of food that was wasted. Exhausted by seeing so much good food thrown away, he soon made it his personal mission to find a solution to end food waste and feed those who need it. Feed It Forward is part of the solution to tackle this mission. What started as a freezer program, grew to opening a soup bar and later a grocery store, all fueled from food that would otherwise be thrown out.

CHECK THEM OUT https://feeditforward.ca/

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